5 reasons why mother entrepreneurs are changing the world

5 reasons why mother entrepreneurs are changing the world

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For mother entrepreneurs to make a difference in the world doesn’t require volunteer work or to join politics. Actually, those are just sure ways to run into bureaucracy and obstacles. When you start your own business you have the world open for YOUR unique vision.


We as entrepreneurs and mothers are in a position to change the world. Here’s why.


1. Entrepreneurs put themselves on the line and give the world their all

We as entrepreneurs give our best effort to our business. We get to use our talents and knowledge to their fullest because there is no one holding us back. By “no one” I might mean boss or colleagues or just a general hierarchy of a working place. As an entrepreneur you have to give it your all, or you will not make it. We can not take anything for granted. So we give more than many to the world.


2. We are in the business of HELPING others

Most often business is started to help somebody. We as entrepreneurs have a mission to make life better or easier for others. We help our clients solve problems, feel better, reach goals and fulfill needs. When we are in the business to genuinely help others, we succeed and get a chance to help more people. To help people is the motivation behind everything we do and that is our way to make the world better. We change the lives of our clients, we change the world.


3. There is something bigger behind what we do

We are not in the business of “just” making money. Money is the way to security and the way of life that we want for us and our children. The reason behind starting a business is often the vision of improving something in the world. What is the world missing that we can provide? Even if we don’t speak of it loudly, many entrepreneurs have a dream of changing attitudes or ways of living or even the behaviour of people. This is the deeper reason for doing what we do.


4. We grow our children to be independent

Kids are our future. The way we raise them is the way the world will be. Our kids see the way we live. If mommy is living the life of her dreams, so can they. There are no false believes of only one way to live your life. We give our kids the model of life without limits. We are not restricted by society and we make our own world the way we envision it. We change the world by raising kids to think for themselves, responsibly and to think bigger with an open mind.


5. We as mother entrepreneurs have empathy and spread love to the world

Ok, I know this is starting to sound mushy but this is really what I believe. We see the child in everyone. We don’t, as mothers, take everything as it is but we have learned a lot from our children. We are strong but soft. We have empathy for our clients and colleagues. We as mothers are natural leaders and can lead the world around us with a firm but loving hand.


I don’t see a conflict between being motherly and making a successful business. The thing I am the most proud of in my own career as an entrepreneur is, that I have made it my own way. If I had listened to all advice I have got during the 8 years of entrepreneurship, I would not be here. So by following my own principles, values, vision and being “soft” and empathic, I have built a success of my business.



Business isn’t hard, people in it sometimes are, but to make business and money (even loads of it) does not mean you have to become hard. Live and do business your way. Hold on to your own values in making strategical decisions about your business. Do things the way you would want your kids to do, live the way you would like them to and let’s make the world better for all of our children.

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