It’s not the LIFE you have to fix

It’s not the LIFE you have to fix

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Isn’t this the most exciting and unnerving thing. To start a new blog. To write the first post.


To have so much to say and not being able to say it all at once. Heart bouncing. Thoughts jumping. Fingers stiff, not moving on the keyboard. Until they do…


So here we go.


You know how moms with small kids are the busiest people in the world? Always doing multiple things at once. Answering questions from a five year old, cooking dinner and keeping the preschooler busy with exercises and… well… just about everything. Moms are busy. Everyone knows that, right?


Everyone also knows, that the most ambitious entrepreneurs are working around the clock. (Not saying that’s the right thing to do.) It’s what everybody assumes and that’s how it often is, unfortunately. Sometimes it may be the daddy sitting in his study from morning till evening while mommy buzzes away with kids in the other room.


But then, sometimes, the mom and the entrepreneur are the same person. Daddy of course there after work, but before that, just you. And the kids. And the business. The clients… well, you know. If you are one, I mean.


Anyway, that’s me. And I know how it is. It was 2012 when I had a 2,5 year old girl, 10 months old boy and the new start for my business after maternity leave. All three in diapers.


Life with small kids and a new business might sound impossible, but when you think about it, you realize it’s the only thing to do, if you want to build your work to fit your busy life. As an entrepreneur you are not bound to the office from 9 am to 5 pm. You can always do the work later. Family comes first. Right?



As a mom and an entrepreneur I have gone through many phases over the years. At first I tried everything to get my schedule right. I even created a Planner (workbook & calendar), printed hundreds of them and sold them on my web store (not anymore). That somehow didn’t solve it for me. Helped, but not enough. When you have too much, you have too much. So I had to go deeper.


And realized, that it’s not the life you have to fix. It’s the business.


And that’s what I did. Now I know, that the best thing you can do to your life as a mom and an entrepreneur is to fix the business. No sleepless nights, no fear, no anxiety. Just good business. And that’s what I will be talking about more in the coming articles, so stay tuned!



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  1. Tessi
    | Reply

    So true, Anja! Thanks for bringing it up. Can’t wait for your future posts.

    • Anja
      | Reply

      Thanks Tessi 🙂

  2. Annukka
    | Reply

    Great text!

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