How to Create a Successful Business Blog – 7 Steps

How to Create a Successful Business Blog – 7 Steps

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Last time I was writing about the 7 huge benefits of blogging for business. This time I will tell you how you should start your successful business blog. And the seven steps that you cannot skip!


There are a couple of things, that make blogging for business different from writing a personal blog. For the most important, business blog needs to have goals. You need to figure out, how to make your blog benefit your business.


Otherwise – what’s the point?



One big goal in blogging is to get your page found by Google. Basically you can turn the benefits of blogging I listed last time into goals for your blog.


So if you are ready to start creating your successful business blog, here are the seven steps you should take. Start from step one and move on to the next one.


7 steps to creating a successful business blog


1. How to get them to follow… target the right audience!


There are so many blogs in the internet… People don’t have time to read them all. So how to get them to read yours? The only way is to offer something that is valuable to them. Once they know you are giving something valuable to them in every post you publish, they will stick with you. Your blog might become the only blog they follow and really read through.


This requires that you get “inside their heads”. Your audience. Who are they? What do they value? What do they look for? What are the problems that keep them up at night? And how can you help them..? Picture the person you are writing to. How does it feel to be in their shoes..? And then start planning the content.

2. How to get found on Google – do SEO, it’s not so hard!

The previous (defining your audience) helps you to figure out the keywords to your blog. Doing Search Engine Optimization means creating links and using the right keywords in your blog. Keywords you use should be the words that your audience is using to find information on Google.


So what does your audience search in Google? They search answers to their questions. To their problems. So when you figure out, what are the problems they search on the internet, you will find them. How? By using those words in your blog!


3. Do it right from the start – the platform for blogging

The difference between a personal blog and business blog is that business blog should not be on any free blogging service that is not owned by you. As a business, you want to show you are serious about this. URL with a free service name on it are not very convincing. Also, on free services it’s limited, what you can do for marketing your business.


So host your own blog in some affordable server like Bluehost or some other web hosting service provider. Install WordPress and build your site for blogging.


4. Name your site and choose the domain

When you know your keywords, think about choosing a domain that is your most important keyword. This will take you long way in being found online.


Google looks for the keywords on the URL. So if you use good keyword in the domain of your site, that’s how your audience will find your site. If you don’t want to name your domain with a keyword but maybe your business name, then use the keywords in your blog URL. Remember, the sooner after the domain the word comes up on the URL, the better.


5. Choose the visual theme you can handle

So now that you have defined who you are talking to in your blog, how to find them on the web and chosen the name and domain for you blog, it’s time to build your blog site. On WordPress you have multiple choices of good quality templates, themes, for your site. Also you can switch to another template anytime. It’s super simple!


I would advice to start with the most simple theme. Don’t take up too much at first. Not all complex themes are working as they should. Or you will waste your time and energy on them. Start simple. As you learn, you can “upgrade”. Choose a theme, that fit’s with your subject the best.


6. Build your image and story with pictures

One big thing (which many struggle with) on the blog are the pictures. You have to have some. A site with only text is dry and uninteresting. You have probably heard, that a picture tells more than a thousand words. So choose carefully. What is the story you want to tell?


You can find plenty of free pictures in the internet, but remember that anyone else can use them too. So maybe you can tweak them a little in Canva or Picmonkey. Flip them, zoom them, put filters or insert text. The picture in your post you use will be the picture that comes with the link people share on social media.


Best would be to use your own pictures, but you will run out of time if you try to take a picture to every post you publish. Unless you’re a photographer. Use your own pictures on the blog site


7. Write 10 articles ready before publishing

I know, you want to start publishing straight away. You have million things on your mind you want to write about. But hold your horses. (Or maybe you are stuck in the fear of your first post.) You should really think about what you will be writing about in you blog also in the future.


There is a danger that you will just throw all your cards on the table on your first post. You don’t want to do that. To avoid it, write one really long text, everything that is on your mind about your subject right now. Just write it all down, and then start dissecting the text into logical pieces. Write only about one thing at a time. Write about too many things in one post and it will become too heavy for the reader.


And when you have 10 posts ready, you can breath easy for a few months, depending on the publishing schedule you have in mind.


Here’s my list of seven things you should do before publishing your business blog. The first is the biggest: defining your audience. But please don’t get stuck with it. You will learn more about your audience as you go along. Just take a deep breath and jump, blogging is worth taking the leap. Just remind yourself about the huge benefits it brings.

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