Blogging For Business – The 7 Huge Benefits

Blogging For Business – The 7 Huge Benefits

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I have to say, as a digital marketing coach I have heard it time and time again: “Blogging for business is a waste of time” or “it’s just a fun hobby” or even “it’s nice you have time for blogging, all my time goes to the actual work”. (Hah!)


Well, my opinion is, that blogging is work. Marketing your own business is real work, and not just something ‘fun to do when you happen to have some spare time’. Blogging for business is the best way to market your business, especially if your business is to provide professional services. It’s a waste of time only, if you do it wrong.


But I know – it takes time to understand the benefits of content marketing, of which a blog is the heart of. It does flip the world upside down especially for those who are used to traditional marketing. Or traditional sales. Advertising. In blogging the key is not to advertise or sell, but to give your knowledge for free. (WHAT? Yes, you read it right: for free!)


And after this, the most common question is “Why would anyone buy my services anymore then..?”


It’s a justified fear, but believe it or not, the more you give, the more you sell.



So how to really understand what is the benefit of blogging for business? I have listed 7 good reasons for it. After reading these you will never ever again have to wonder why. In fact, after reading this, you will probably beat yourself for not blogging yet and losing all these opportunities and you will run to start your own business blog! (Btw, next week I will tell you how!)


1. Brand yourself as an authority


Do you want to be The Person To Go To when things get rough in your field? Would you like to be seen as an authority in your market? Then you need to brand yourself as one. Just telling people how good you are and how much you know has never worked well in marketing. You need to prove yourself.


Writing a book is a good way to brand yourself as a professional. Blog does the same. The only difference is, that you give your knowledge in little but concrete and actionable bits. Just big enough to bite. And to understand quickly.


2. Drive traffic to your site


What reason people have to visit your site, unless there is something useful, interesting and new information, that gives them benefit? Blogging is the best way to get your audience to return on your site. It’s the best way to get returning visits again and again, as long as your blog is truly worth while.


When you post on your blog, you will have a new reason to share links to your site and send email to everyone on your list. And with a blog, you can do this every week, without getting a reputation of a spammer.


3. Get shared on social media


When you have great tips on your site, people share it on social media. Let’s face it – people don’t like to share your products or sales pages so much… They share quality articles, that somehow spoke to them or touched them. They share new information, good tips, instructions, things that give people advice or support.


Blogging is the way to get links to your website and visibility to your company. Imagine if ten people with a hundred friends share your link. And this is minimum. It means you get one thousand possible views of your link (which already has your company name on it) and hundreds more possible clicks to your site. How much you would have to pay to get this much views on your ad? Blogging is a low cost way of getting attention.


4. Get found by search engines like Google


Spend a lot of money on Google ads? How about saving that money and writing a post on your blog..? Google and other search engines search all the time for new and relevant content. Fresh post in your blog well optimized is gold for the search engine. It’s the absolute best way to get found on search engines.


And the better your blog is, the more visits it will get and the more time people spend on your site. This all influences your ranking on Google. So make sure you write good quality posts and use keywords that your audience is searching information with.


5. Bring your own content to social media


Ever think about what to publish on your Facebook page..? You can of course share links to other sites that have good content, but how are people ever to find their way to your site..? The goal in social media is really to drive traffic to your own website. And the thing is, that you are in social media to promote your own business, not only to provide links to other pages. Your own content is the key.


Also, once you write a post, you should use the content in many ways in social media. Make pictures and videos, pick quotes and post them with a link on social media. Create different kinds of content from your post and you will build a much more rich and interesting content for your followers.


6. Visibility for you and your services


When you audience member clicks to your blog, it’s not just the article he or she sees. They will see the side bar and the banners and links on it, and they will get interested to find out who is behind the article. Who wrote this? Who’s talking? With your post you catch the interest, and with interesting links you guide the visitor forward.


Blog is the way to get people on your site, but on your site you will promote your business. Use banners and internal links on your site, to keep the visitor interested longer.


7. Growing your email list


When you offer information that is useful, people will want more. This is how you collect your audience and email addresses on your list. Offer something in return. Give more useful information in exchange to their email address.


Give something for free, because no one wants to just sign up to “a list”. You need to give good reason for it. And growing your email list is your business in the internet. Your email list is your target audience, the warmest possible future clients you could get. You will not get as valuable contacts anywhere else.


So is this enough to convince you of the benefits of blogging? It’s not just about blogging, but also connected to your email marketing and social media marketing strategies. Blogging is the heart of content marketing, and content marketing is what web marketing is all about.



If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will be happy to help you!



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