How to Create a Successful Business Blog – 7 Steps

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Last time I was writing about the 7 huge benefits of blogging for business. This time I will tell you how you should start your successful business blog. And the seven steps that you cannot skip!   There are a couple of things, that make blogging for business different from writing a personal blog. For the most important, business blog … Read More

Blogging For Business – The 7 Huge Benefits

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  I have to say, as a digital marketing coach I have heard it time and time again: “Blogging for business is a waste of time” or “it’s just a fun hobby” or even “it’s nice you have time for blogging, all my time goes to the actual work”. (Hah!)   Well, my opinion is, that … Read More

The 5 traits You Need to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

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  The last 8 years as an entrepreneur have taught me a lot. About myself and about running a business. I have gone from zero income through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship to having success in my business and having financial security. I have also moved up from exhaustion and struggle to higher energy and … Read More

5 reasons why mother entrepreneurs are changing the world

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  For mother entrepreneurs to make a difference in the world doesn’t require volunteer work or to join politics. Actually, those are just sure ways to run into bureaucracy and obstacles. When you start your own business you have the world open for YOUR unique vision.   We as entrepreneurs and mothers are in a position to change the world. Here’s why. … Read More

It’s not the LIFE you have to fix

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  Isn’t this the most exciting and unnerving thing. To start a new blog. To write the first post.   To have so much to say and not being able to say it all at once. Heart bouncing. Thoughts jumping. Fingers stiff, not moving on the keyboard. Until they do…   So here we go.   You … Read More