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Untitled design(1)Welcome to Mamaonbiz. I am Anja Kadziolka, an entrepreneur in Finland and a mother of two small children. Mamaonbiz is my mission to help mothers and entrepreneurs to find a success and to build the life and business of their dreams even in the busiest years of their lives.


I am a digital marketing coach. In Finland I have built an entrepreneur mothers community “Mamaonbis” (we don’t really use ‘z’ in Finland..). and I have an online digital marketing course, on which I am helping entrepreneurs to build their business with digital marketing. And now I’m just about to start an adventure of a lifetime…


My story


Ever since I began the struggle of joggling two little babies and a new business, I wanted to fix it. Fix it for myself and to others who were in the same situation. Now it has been 4 years and I am happy to say I have fixed it for myself. After many hardships I have finally made it and me and my family are on our way to the exciting adventures with the freedom that only your own successful online business can provide.


And I’m here to tell you, it’s not magic and anyone can do it.


In 2008 I decided to resign from my job as a marketing planner and start my own business. I had worked in marketing as a copywriter and marketing planner already almost 8 years. My struggle was that I had to follow others, when I wanted to do things my way. To start my own business meant freedom and that’s what I named my company after. In Finland my company is called “Vapaa Markkinointi Oy” which is “Free Marketing Ltd” in English.


Untitled design
Kids make sure life doesn’t get too serious…

Freedom is everything to me. The freedom to implement my own ideas and to make them happen according to my values and my own way of life. That is my key to happiness. And the way to heal. Freedom meant, that I could finally sleep at night. Even the worst financial trouble has never kept me up. I have slept through all troubles in my business like a baby…


But the babies have kept me up… only 1,5 years after starting my business I had my first baby and the second one only 1,5 years after that. In the beginning of 2012 I had two babies in diapers, and the company in a status of a start up again. Also after 3 years of staying up with the babies I was a wreck…


It was february of 2012 and I knew that I have to make the business work before autumn. That is, if I want the kids to start daycare and really have time for my business. The daycare alone would cost us over 500 euros a month. So I would have to start getting salary from my company, in which at that moment after maternity leave was no income and no clients. So I had half a year to make it happen, with the kids at my side of course…


There and then started the battle which lasted the next four years. Now it’s finally over and I have made it to clear waters. I have built a business that is sure to give me income and is providing me with security, peace of mind and huge possibility for growth. And the great news is, that anyone can do it. If I could, you can too.


In Mamaonbiz I will tell you what have been the biggest lessons for me during the last 4 years. I will teach you about strategic planning, time management and keeping your creative and idea generating butt on the way to your goals! In the meantime keeping it light and easy, and fun! 🙂


Business is all about marketing, and marketing is all about internet. Mamaonbiz is all about digital marketing. It’s about how to build a business, which allows you to work anytime, anywhere and scale infinitely (well, at least almost) and find your way to combine making the world a better place, doing what you love and making money at the same time. It’s possible, believe me.


It’s all about making time for the most important thing in your life: kids, family, You. Follow my blog and I will show you the way.


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